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Kim had the fairy tale life – a petite, dark-haired, Southern-Baptist girl who grew up and married the gorgeous, charming captain of the football team.  This picture-perfect couple quickly acquired the picture-perfect life – promising careers, beautiful home, topped off with a healthy baby boy.   But, little did Kim know the picture would soon shatter into a thousand irretrievable pieces when her husband became addicted to cocaine, they lost their home and, as their infant son fought for his life, her husband committed suicide.

Her story is a faith journey which will inspire those who come against intense hardship to look up and out for their strength to overcome spiritual battles that besiege them.   It will also encourage those who aren’t currently facing difficult times to purposefully seek God and enjoy life with the knowledge that He will never leave them or forsake them.

Kim is remarried and lives near Knoxville, Tn with her three children (20,18,and 14) and husband Deron.  She continues to fall more in love with Jesus every day and is blessed to see Him at work in the lives of those around her. 

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Kim will tell you God has been her strength and the lifter of her head.   He is comfort and He is hope.  He has blessed her with a wonderful family today.  She enjoys being a wife and mother (to 3 wonderful teenagers!)---but God continues to be her rock, her everything.  All the other blessings are icing on the cake!

Sweet blessings